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First of all, a biggg thank you from us for checking out our website. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

So, what is Salt in our Hair, why did we start this and where the heck did that crazy name come from. From our passion for traveling, photography and sharing experiences Salt in our Hair was born in November 2015 on Instagram.

Salt in our Hair is created by Hannah and Nick (that’s us!), two creatives traveling the world together as a couple. In the Netherlands, we graduated school, in the creative industry as a graphic designer and web developer. We both work on travel blogs, taking photos and editing videos.

The name Salt in our Hair popped up when we drove back home from the North Sea with sticky salty hair (quite an exciting explanation isn’t it?)

For more information on our reach, demographics and what we can bring to a project, please contact us and request our Media Kit.

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Reviews about collaborations

Moroccan National Tourism Office – Social Media Team

It was a pleasure for us to collaborate with Nick & Hannah. Despite getting in touch with them under very short notice, we were able to plan a beautiful collaboration that resulted in a gorgeous collection of content (photo & video) from various cities and destinations in Morocco.  Their mastery of photography, design, and social media, as well as their fun personality, made our collaboration more pleasure and less work! We highly recommend them and will definitely collaborate with this travel couple every time they are available!

Duara Travels – Katariina

Our collaboration with Nick & Hannah was a success. The couple stayed in one of Duara’s villages in Bali, which was a really good experience for all; Nick and Hannah were easy to work with and the local people in the village really loved having the couple in their community. As a result, Duara and the Gadungan village got more visibility among travelers. On top of that, we got the most impressive footage ever filmed in our villages.

DesertDayTours – Morocco Travel – Mohammed Taghlaoui

They were more than great couple. They are one of the sweet and most wonderful people I have worked with in my experience on this business. The 3-day tour ended in Marrakesh with a smile but after two days our inbox filled with mails from people who want have the same trip as Nick & Hannah. We asked our customers and they said that they found our company in their Instagram, blogs and Facebook. 

BeMarrakech – Nicole & Mo
We received more likes and followers on Instagram after our collaboration and noticed that many other popular pages have shared your photos. It was a mutual benefit for both of us. Thank you for your collaboration and hope to see you next time!

Articles about us


Who’s Nick?

That guy with the big amount of curls, that’s me: Hi I’m Nick! I would describe myself as a photo perfectionist. Keep on trying until it’s done! Yeah, that can take some time, but hey, taking photos is a thing we really love both so it’s not a punishment to do. Since traveling I found myself to be interested in learning other languages.

Who’s Hannah?

Hmmm… Let’s see. I would probably describe myself as a girl who can’t function when her stomach is growling. That’s why I’m always keeping one eye on the streets to find the perfect bakery (with carrot cake). Next, I can’t resist puppy cuteness, especially at the beach with sunset.

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