6 Things To Do in laid back Canggu, Bali

6 Things To Do in laid back Canggu, Bali

Canggu is a great town if you’re into that laid back lifestyle. It’s very trendy, close to the airport, has some fine surfing beaches and food choices for everyone. Expect a lot of eco, veggie and organic cafes and restaurants. The vibes are just right if you ask us.
You can easily spend a week in this area. If you have a limited amount of time, we would recommend staying 3 nights in Canggu. Read our favorite things to do in Canggu, Bali.

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1. Hit the waves in Canggu

When walking around in Canggu you can’t miss them, motorbike with surfboards attached to the side. Canggu offers some great beaches where surfing is good, almost every day. Rent a board or take some lessons at Canggu Beach and hit the waves!

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things to do canggu streets

There are three great places to surf around Canggu: Echo Beach, Berawa Beach and Old Man’s known as Batu Balong Beach. Echo beach is for intermediate surfers. The beach at Old Man’s is great for all kind of surfers. The Bali surf season runs from May to September.

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things to do canggu echo beach

2. Try the best food in Canggu

This chapter should get its own article. Food in Canggu is on point. If you are a vegan or the biggest meat lover on earth, you won’t be disappointed.

things to do canggu smoothie bowl

Best breakfast in Canggu

Best lunch in Canggu

  • Nalu Bowls
  • Old Man’s
  • The Shady Shack
canggu best place to eat vegan

Best dinner in Canggu

  • Warung Bu Mi (cheap and incredible local food)
  • Betelnut Cafe, Super Healthy food :)
canggu best place to eat cheap

3. Visit Tanah Lot

The Pura Tanah Lot temple is a must visit when you are staying in Canggu! The temple complex is very famous for its appearance around sunset, you can wander around here for a little time. Many beautiful photos are taken here and that’s why it has become an iconic place for Bali. It’s a just a 30-min motorbike drive from Canggu town and the entrance fee is 30.000 RPH.

things to do canggu tanah lot

4. Shopping in Canggu

Canggu is booming, western shops are opening up in here every month, selling products from clothing to interior. Some more hidden than the other. We just name a few of the ‘wanderlust’ styled shop we have seen.

  • Jane Doe Store
  • Milk the Goat
  • Bomba
  • The Offering

5. Explore the rice paddies around Canggu

Canggu is surrounded by rice paddies. Motorbiking around Canggu can be challenging, on the other side, it gives freedom you don’t want to miss! We really hope Canggu town stays the size as it has now and prevents itself from becoming the next Kuta.

things to do canggu sunset rice fields

6. Stay at the most beautiful hotels in Canggu

Canggu offers a lot of beautiful places to stay. We listed hotels in all kind of price classes.

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Low priced accommodations

Guest House Semimpi
Guest House Semimpi

Beautiful guest house starting at $17 a night!

Vande Guest House
Vande Guest House

Your own cozy place with a pool!

Canggu Surf Hostel
Canggu Surf Hostel

A popular hostel in Canggu. Starts at $15 a night.

Luxury accommodations

De Moksha Boutique
De Moksha Boutique

Your own place with a private pool. Starting at $50 a night!

The Calmtree Bungalows
The Calmtree Bungalows

Pretty stay on a great location!

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