A Guide to paradise Gili Air Island, Lombok

A Guide to paradise Gili Air Island, Lombok

Gili Air Island is one of the three Gili’s that people take in a round trip to Bali. The Gili’s actually belong to Lombok. Which island you should pick depends if you’re into partying or not. Gili Trawangan has a big party scene going one where Gili Air and Meno are way more laid back. Use our Gili Air guide to plan your trip! 

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5 things to do on Gili Air, Lombok

There are no cars or asphalt roads on the Gili’s and you can easily bike around Gili Air in 1 hour or take a horse taxi. Horse taxies aren’t recommended since it’s commonly known they are not treated well. We would recommend staying on Gili Air from 2 to 5 nights. 

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ATM’s on Gili Air

Getting money on Gili Air shouldn’t be a problem. There are multiple ATM’s located on the east side of the island. See the map in this article for the exact locations.

Swim with sea turtles

Gili Air Island is well known for its super clear waters, snorkeling and sea turtle spots. The best spot is in the northern part on Gili Air. All the way to the other side at Blue Marlin Dive. At some spots you have to swim over the sharp coral, so try not to go out with low tide.

Bike around the island

Rent a bike for a few days, most of them are located near the boat docking point or at your hotel. Explore the island by bike around for an hour. Drive through the center of the island to see people their coconut farms or go on a search for the best food.

gili air island guide horse coconut farmer

Sunset on the northwestern part of Gili Air Island

The sun sets on the same side where the turtles are located. And if the sky is clear you will see Mount Batur in the backdrop. After the sunset, head over to The Mexican Kitchen on Gili Air. It’s located on the beach. (see map)

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gili air island guide sunset beach

Subwing Gili Air

We didn’t have the chance to do this but subwing’ing’ seemed like an awesome thing to do! You are being dragged by a boat while you can maneuver like a manta ray underwater.

Find your favorite beach

Do you like to wake up and directly walk onto the beach? The southern part offers the most beach accommodations but eastern part owns the whitest beaches. Be sure to bike around the island to pick your favorite spot.

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gili air island guide hammock

Best spots to eat on Gili Air

Lining up our favorite restaurants by yummy(😍) rating.

The Mexican Kitchen 😍😍😍
Slow Gili Air 😍😍😍
Gili bliss 😍😍
Pachamama (best vegan options) 😍😍😍😍
Classico Italiano (best coffee!) 😍😍😍

gili air island guide mexican kitchen

How to get on Gili Air

The fast boat to Gili Air from Bali goes from several ports: Benoa, Sanur, Padang Bai and Amed. You have two boat options, speedboat or slow boat which is the cheaper option. We would recommend the first one. Depending on the season you will pay between 400,000 – 1,100,000 IDR for a return ticket.

The boat ride takes 2.5 hours with the fast boat and can be a tough one depending on the waves. You will arrive on the beach on Gili Air. Find the pier on the map included in this article.

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Leaving Gili Air with the fast boat

If you are reading to leave Gili Air, confirm your return ticket with the company the day before leaving. When the fast boat arrives, try to sit inside the boat or else you may get sunburned or completely soaked.

gili air island guide fast boat

Hotels on Gili Air Island

Although Gili Air Island is so small. The island has enough hotels to offer. Here is an offer of cheap and more expensive stays. Or find all places to stay on Gili Air.

Gita Gili Bungalow
Gita Gili Bungalow

Your own bungalow located east on the island, starting at $15 a night.

Sunrise Resort Gili
Sunrise Resort Gili

Beautiful resort with pool starting at $40 a night.

Villa Coco Gili Air
Villa Coco Gili Air

Your own little villa with pool for just $40 a night!

Hotel Oleh Oleh
Hotel Oleh Oleh

$15 a night including breakfast!

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