Staying with locals on Bali, Indonesia

Staying with locals on Bali, Indonesia

Staying with locals on Bali, Indonesia

Bali is very famous among all kind of travelers, whether you are having an all-inclusive resort holiday or you’re the one that likes to explore all the Waterfalls of Bali.
But have you ever thought about staying with locals to get to know the real Balinese people? This may sound a bit strange but these days were one of our best in our whole Bali trip and here is why:

Savestaying with locals bali ricefield

From an awkward first meet to a real friendship

On our first day, we met the family. Era, Nyoman, and their daughter Ayu. They live in Gadungan. We all were a little shy, but we brought cookies from our home which always breaks the ice.

We tried to communicate with them via hand gestures and a little English. Their nephew Adi was a really good translator, which made it easier to have a conversation. And maybe it’s because of the language barrier that we felt a great connection with this family.

You can also see our staying with locals experience in a video.

Savestaying with locals bali homestay

Helping on their farm

They took us to their farm nearby where they grow all kinds of fruits, vegetables and even have their own rice factory with some employees.

Savestaying with locals bali rice factory

Coconut oil is a new product which they just started making, Nyoman showed us the process from the start to end. We didn’t really work on their farm since they are so proud of it and wanted to explain us everything about certain kind of fruits and veggies. Which are very different than the ones back home.

Savestaying with locals bali farm

Enjoy the real Balinese food

Era took care of all the food for everyone who worked on the farm. She is the sweetest lady we’ve ever met and as a family, they looked very happy.

Most of the food we got was directly from the farm and tasted delicious. You will learn about the things you eat.

The snacks were incredible by the way!

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Savestaying with locals bali snack

But those little moments were the best

One night, it started raining and it didn’t stop until the next morning. We were forced to talk to each other. Ayu (daughter) was just started to learn English at school. She had a book with Indonesian words and the English translation. So we talked the whole night by using Ayu’s school book and Google Translate when we had a 3G connection.

Savestaying with locals bali translating

Also, Nyoman wanted to introduce us to the Hindu Culture in Bali. It’s different than the Hindu in, for example, India.
Nyoman visited the Besakih Temple, which is the mother temple of Bali. He went there to pray and visited a ceremony. He received bracelets which help for good luck. We both got a bracelet called “tridatu” from the family. We felt very honored since they can only get these bracelets from the temple once in the 10 years.

When the Balinese people wear it they feel peaceful, safe and lucky.

Savestaying with locals bali bracelets

Staying with locals on Bali via Duara Travels

If you’re interested in staying with locals on Bali or in another country around the world then visit They are also active in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Tanzania. It’s affordable and you will support the family and town’s community.

Transportation and breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included!

Staying with locals on Bali video

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