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Salty Diary Passport
22 September 2018

Less travels, better content

It has been quite a while, again! Work and travel all go so fast that slowing down, finding peace and enjoying a little more sometimes gets forgotten. We’ve been home for the summer, had a great time and made a new plan for the next year. We need to find more consistency so we could enjoy more.


We came up with the idea to start making short trips. Ideally 10 days with a maximum of 4 weeks. This is needed to keep our energy and creativity level at its highest point. Also, catching up on 4 weeks of work takes probably 4-6 weeks.

Savejava happy bromo

We decided to travel to Java in Indonesia for 12 days. Java was beyond expectation, the locals are extremely friendly and we had a few locations fully for ourselves while we expected loads of tourists. We will definitely go back to explore West Java.


From Java, we took the ferry to Bali where we are now renting a place in co-working building until mid-December. It feels great to be back in Bali again. We will mainly work, relax, workout and do small trips in Bali and visit Flores.

It feels like we actually found the balance we have been looking for over the last year.

Less travels and much higher quality content on Instagram, Youtube, and the blog.

Salty Diary Passport
27 July 2018

Dublin, Iceland and Paris

Hi guys! Whoops, we haven’t written any diaries lately but that was for a good cause.

We had an unforgettable trip to Iceland. It was the first time we camped together and it went surprisingly well! ?

We published about 10 Iceland travel guides about this beautiful country. Currently working on our cinematic video as well!

Saveiceland horse
Saveiceland blue lagoon

After Iceland, we’ve been catching up with family and friends, had a trip to family in Dublin and Nick helped out a friend painting his new house.
Dublin was quite impressive, we won’t be writing any blogs about it but we really liked the city and its surrounding!

SaveDublin Temple bar
SaveDublin Bridge
SaveDublin city

Last but not least, Hannah’s pre-birthday trip to Paris! ❤️
Last weekend we went to Paris for 5 days to relax and wander around. Paris, France Blogs will be soon online.

Saveparis eiffel tower
Saveparis ice cream


Salty Diary Passport
30 May 2018

Home, sweet home ♡ and sweating in Oman ✈︎

After 5 months of traveling, we headed back home (The Netherlands). And to be honest, we were very very happy to see family and friends again, be home and fully relax. The life we were living is a dream but super exhausting at the same time. Those first months as freelancers and full-time travelers was a test to see how we want to organize and live our lives.

It all worked out very well! We just needed to find the perfect pace and we now (hopefully) did. ?


The Netherlands

We had about 2.5-week before our next trip and the spring weather gave us the best time. We worked on a lot of new travel blogs, travel videos, and other content ideas. But also took time to see friends, catch a movie or drink and visit family! Oh and on our way back from Singapore we somehow ended up in Business Class. #dream ?

Savesalt in our hair tulips netherlands

Tulips & Windmills

Tulip season was here so loved to go out and shoot! Our new friends HowFarFromHome came to Rotterdam. We knew them via Instagram for over a year so would love to meet them and take them around to the windmills and tulips! We finished the day at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Rotterdam.

Savehow far from home - salt in our hair
Savesalt in our hair tulips netherlands


One of our biggest jobs ever started: an 8-day trip to Oman! We worked with the Ministry of Tourism to promote the country via our Instagram, YouTube, and blog. Most of those items are published or will be live soon. :-)

Savesalt in our hair oman sultan qaboos mosque

Arriving in Oman at 2 AM in the morning, 34 degrees haha! We planned a 6-day road trip through some of the most beautiful highlights of Oman. Deserts, Wadis, Mountain views, camels, turtles etc. We’ve seen and captured it all. Driving in Oman was easy but due to some issues with the planning, it was challenging to have enough time to capture sights.

After that week we were convinced we need to visit Oman again in the future at our own pace. Beautiful country!