Barefooted stay at Maafushivaru, The Maldives

Barefooted stay at Maafushivaru, The Maldives

Barefooted stay at Maafushivaru, The Maldives

Maafushivaru is a 25-minute flight from capital Male. Once arrived you will be welcomed with a great welcoming drink and cold refreshing towel. The island offers 3 kinds of stays, a beach villa, water villa and pool villa. Maafushivaru is best for couple or family visits.

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Water Villas

The bug water villas are fully equipped with all modern comforts. The shower is connected to your terrace so when you get out of the salt water you can directly jump in the shower.

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The villa’s terrace is the best place. It is connected to super shallow water with many fishes around. Not having a pool wasn’t an issue at all and if you think it is, just go to their pool on the beach nearby. Book your stay here.

At the end of the day, experience the sunset from your terrace and get ready for dinner.

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Dining at Maafushivaru

Maafushivaru offers an extensive buffet, a la carte, private dining and a great Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. The buffet is a good mix of cuisines so you won’t get disappointed.

The Teppanyaki restaurant is a great experience where the chef gives a show while preparing your dinner. The show is great but the food is even better!

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Staying at Maafushivaru

On the island are a lot of different ways to spend your time. Join the movie night, have a relaxing afternoon in the spa, workout in the gym or explore their reef. The coral around Maafushivaru is full of life so snorkeling around is highly recommended.

If you’re in for a bigger adventure, join the Whale Shark tour and swim with these friendly giants.

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Private island
What makes Maafushivaru special from other resorts in the Maldives is that they have their own private island called Lonubo. It is just a few minutes away from the main island and you can stay there an afternoon all by yourself. You can even ask for a spend the night on this island.

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