Everything you need to know about El Nido, The Philippines

Everything you need to know about El Nido, The Philippines

El Nido is one of the 7,107 (or 7507) islands in The Philippines. It’s a breathtaking place on Palawan where it’s all about activities and relaxing. El Nido town itself isn’t the thing that’s breathtaking, the surroundings and the stunning views are. Palawan was voted No.1 most beautiful island in the world, several times. Tourism attention for El Nido’s is growing but it can handle its growth very well. We wrote down our favorite things to do in El Nido.

el nido to do map guide

Things to know before going to El Nido.

  • There are several power cuts throughout the day, charge you gear at night.
  • The only 2 ATM’s in town can get out of money. Bring enough money, or you’ll never get home. (That doesn’t sound bad, right?)
  • Great working WiFi isn’t a normal thing in El Nido.

Things to do in El Nido

Although it’s a small town there still is a lot to do. These are our El Nido to do’s. Don’t forget to check the referring links to more detailed articles.

things to do in El Nido Boat Tour
  • Rent a Kayak and explore some islands by yourself. It’s possible that you will see monkeys, big lizards or hornbill birds. It makes it even better to rent a clear kayak. Read more about: Clear Kayak in El Nido
things to do in El Nido Clear Kayak
  • Zip line from island to island! Yes, at Las Cabanas Beach there’s a 750-meter long zip line that connects two islands. Read more: Zipline in El Nido
  • Watch sunset a Las Cabanas Beach

things to do in El Nido

  • Visit Nacpan Beach (see the map in this blog)
  • Climb up Taraw Cliff like Christian did!


Best time to visit El Nido

The best time to visit El Nido is around December to March. Weather is just right in this period. April and May are the tourist high season. It’s dry and warm, prices will rise a bit. Try to book in advance during high season.

Where to eat in El Nido

How to get in El Nido?

Now that you’ve read our El Nido guide, you still have to go there. You have several options on how to get there. Read more about: How to get in El Nido.

You can take a plane to El Nido from Manila. But first, head over to Manila!

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Where to stay in El Nido?

El Nido is a small village on Palawan. You can bike through the whole village within 10 minutes. You can either stay inside or outside of town. Beaches are nearby, no matter where you stay. These are the most beautiful resorts & hotels to stay in El Nido

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Our Melting Pot
Our Melting Pot

Probably the best hostel and located in center of El Nido town.

Spin Designer Hostel
Spin Designer Hostel

Modern hostel located in El Nido town.

Bnky Bed and Breakfast
Bnky Bed and Breakfast

A guest house in the center of El Nido Town.

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Blog comments (5)
  • Hey guys ! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT !! Wonderfull photos great notes and design!! Amazing job !!!

  • We really need to get to the Philippines!

  • There is a zipline that connects two islands??? How amazing is that! I would be terrified to do it but I am sure my husband would love it!

  • nice introduction guys :)
    here is few things to correct El Nido is a Town on Palawan an Island at Island . Hope it was just mistake :P.
    Another thing is with booking flight from Manila to Puerto Princessa.
    Is a big deal to do that via online because website of domestic airline does not working simply , as payment won`t go through ,so I had to spend 3 hours in small hall without air condition to book tickets on airport in Manila .
    I don`t believe that skyscanner would help in this case at all as they provide just international flights. My advice is to book ticket to Palawan at least 2 weeks earlier as closer departure price is much higher. This Island is free monsun region and earth quakes too ,so you can visit round year . If you want have fun on zipline , go to 100 Island National Park on North Luzon , there is the longest and highest zipline in Philippines .
    all the best to you , greets Tom
    I don`t like also trip to underground river , wasting time , money and not really exiting . Hopping trips are the best and option C is the top from all which agencies has to offer ABCD . If you want to get it cheap find a big square with ATM a head to small narrow street from the mainland site and find a small shops , they advitising tours for less 200-300 pessos at least p/person.

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