A day trip guide for exploring Galle Fort in Sri Lanka

A day trip guide for exploring Galle Fort in Sri Lanka

In the 18th century, the Dutch build their headquarters, Galle Fort, on the Sri Lankan coast. On three sides surrounded by ocean views and a daily sunset.
Nowadays, the old beautiful buildings are transformed into shops and restaurants but since Unesco named this World Heritage the shops are unharmed on the outside. You could spend an entire day exploring Galle Fort.

galle fort sri lanka map things to do

We created walking route that you can use to plan your visit to Galle. Depending on your speed you could do this in a half or full day. Let’s start the tour!

Wander around in the beautiful shops

Start the tour by falling in love with all those incredible handicraft shops.

If you’re stoked to bring back a little souvenir for your mom then wait until you arrive in Galle Fort. It owns some of the most beautiful shops in Sri Lanka. Handicraft or design attributes you’ll won’t find anywhere else are sold in here.

Keep in mind that: Galle Fort is quite expensive compared to other locations in Sri Lanka.

  1. Barefoot
    Corner of Church and Pedlar Street. A southern outpost of the stylish Colombo homeware shop.
  2. Orchid House
    Located near Dutch Hospital. Selling handicraft, sarongs and gems.
  3. The Three by TPV (see photo)
galle fort sri lanka shops

Visit the most impressive monuments

We’re not that kind of person that likes to visit every monument but Galle surprised us. Galle fort is a big monument itself and there are some more impressive museums and churches inside it. It’s best to combine visiting the shops and monuments since some shops are on the same route.

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galle fort sri lanka big tree

Galle fort is a big monument itself and there are some more impressive museums and churches inside it. It’s best to combine visiting the shops and monuments since some shops are on the same route.

  1. De Groote Kerk (Church St)
  2. Old Dutch Hospital (Hospital Road)
  3. National Maritime Archaeology Museum (Queens St)
  4. All saints church (Church St)
galle fort sri lanka tuk tuk

See Galle Fort from above

Get on top of the Fort’s wall. Start at the beautiful white lighthouse on the southeastern part of Galle Fort. The lighthouse is an icon of Galle Fort. From there, walk around the fort along the seaside. You’ll notice that a lot of locals also like to walk around when the day is coming to its end.

Walk to the northwest side of the Fort where you’ll see the Clock Tower. From there you’ll have a nice view over the Fort and on the other side, Galle city. It’s probably a 2 or 3 km walk around the fort.

galle fort sri lanka lighthouse pin

See the sun sets in the sea

Let’s take a moment to relax after this walking route. Sunset is the time that locals gather and see the sun disappearing in the sea. It’s beautiful to see that so many different religions can have fun together in this country.

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galle fort sri lanka sunset

Restaurants in Galle Fort

And after this full day of walking, shopping and enjoying Galle Fort, it’s now time for the most important time of the day (if you ask us). Dinner time! Plenty of choice in the Fort!

  1. Lucky Fort Restaurant
    Go here for Sri Lankan food and probably the best food in Galle Fort. Oh and this one is cheap! TripAdvisor page.
  2. The original Rocket Burger
    Not into Asian food tonight? Go and grab a great burger at Rocket. These burgers were the best we had in Sri Lanka! TripAdvisor page.
  3. Chambers Restaurant
    The most expensive but also another type of food. Turkish or middle east food that is super tasty! TripAdvisor page.
Galle fort sri lanka streets

Best time to visit Galle Fort

The most rain in Galle falls between May and September. The absolute best month to be in Galle is in February.

Galle is just a two-hour drive from Colombo International Airport. Find the cheapest ticket price.

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Hotels Galle Fort

Galle Fort really owns some beau-ti-ful places to stay in for a few nights. See all hotels in Galle Fort under $50.

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Antic Guesthouse
Antic Guesthouse

A really beautiful place in Galle Fort center! Recommend by our Galle friends. :)

Hotel Dandelion
Hotel Dandelion

Located in Unawatuna, which is 3km from Galle Fort. This makes it a lot cheaper to stay.

Skinny Beach House
Skinny Beach House

Looking for your own paradise? Skinny Beach house is a perfect place!

The Galle Fort Hotel
The Galle Fort Hotel

This beautiful hotel is located in the center of Galle Fort. A unique place to stay!

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