The 7 southern paradise beaches of Sri Lanka

The 7 southern paradise beaches of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka beaches are well known for their idyllic looks and beautiful scenery. The country counts many beaches. We wrote down seven beautiful beaches located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. It varies from long golden ones to wind and waves. We hope that you believe us when we tell you that the beaches of Sri Lanka are really as beautiful as you’ve seen in the guidebooks. We’ve created a Sri Lanka beaches guide with a 0 – 5 rating for crowdedness and surfing.

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Talpe/Wijaya area

Our favorite beach of all the beaches we’ve seen called Dalawella beach. It’s a clean, white sand, relaxing place with palms leaning over the beach paradise look. And you will be able to see the little turtle heads pop up out of the sea on the end of the day. The coral reef forms a natural swimming pool where you can take a swim without having to watch the waves. We also had a very good dinner at Wijaya Beach Restaurant.

Best time to visit: December – April and July – September
Crowded: 👨👨
Surfing: 🏄

sri lanka beaches unawatuna swing palm
sri lanka beaches unawatuna

Mirissa beach

Mirissa attracts all kinds of people, surfers, swimmers and sunbathers. The 2km long Sri Lankan beach, divided by the Parrot Rock is full of great restaurants and bars. Mirissa beach is one the most well-known beaches in Sri Lanka. The left side of the bay is particularly popular with snorkelers while the right side of Mirissa Beach is a great surfing hot spot. You can climb up on the Parrot Rock by walking through the water, but we didn’t see any parrots.

We stayed at Sounds of Nature mini hotel which we really loved!

Tip: Around December you will have the chance to spot dolphins and whales.

Best time to visit: November – April and  August – October
Crowded: 👨👨👨
Surfing: 🏄🏄

sri lanka beaches mirissa beach
sri lanka beaches mirissa beach girl
sri lanka beaches mirissa parrot rock

Tangalle beach

Hidden on the southern coast, Tangalle is one of those Sri Lanka beaches that are made for the paradise seekers. It’s a little bit harder to reach since it’s dislocated from the usual route that travelers take. Tangalle beach is very quiet and only contains one or two visible resorts located at the beach.

If you’re planning to visit in October than keep in mind that you can’t really swim because of the massive waves.

Best time to visit: November to April and May through October
Crowded: 👨
Surfing: 🏄

Sri Lanka Beaches Tangalle

Found Patrick Star on the left side 😖

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Koggala Beach

Koggala is a relatively unknown beach paradise in the deep South of Sri Lanka. It’s located between Talpe and Mirissa. The white sand and the few people that are on the beach makes Koggala beach a great location to stay for a longer time. Koggala also has a small rainforest reserve where you could take a boat trip through.

Best time to visit: December – April and July – September
Crowded: 👨👨
Surfing: 🏄🏄

Sri Lanka beaches koggala
Sri Lanka beaches koggala palm

Unawatuna Beach

Swaying palms, golden narrow sandy beach with a few dozen simple beach bars and restaurants. Unawatuna is the most popular beach of the southern Sri Lankan coast. But you cannot compare this to the busy beaches of Thailand or Spain. Unawatuna is a great laid back village on a cozy bay. Unawatuna beach is located in a bay, which means that you can safely swim. In the evening the beach will lit up on which makes it super romantic! Oh and: we loved our breakfasts at Bedspace !

Found out our favorite things to do in Unawatuna.

Best time to visit: For beautiful weather and calmer seas visit in November to April
Crowded: 👨👨👨
Surfing: 🏄🏄

Sri Lanka beaches unawatuna

Hikkaduwa Beach

The beach of Hikkaduwa is one of the seven beaches that is located the nearest to Colombo. This is by far the most touristy beach we’ve seen. But the sunsets on this beach are priceless. It’s good to stay overnight a little bit out of town since the tourism can be a bit crazy in Hikkaduwa center. Hikkaduwa also has a few huge turtles that will swim near the beach.

Best time to visit: November to April
Crowded: 👨👨👨👨👨
Surfing: 🏄🏄🏄

Koggala sri lanka beach coconuts

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay, located on the east coast, is very famous for its surfing points that attract surfers from all over the world. Many of them make Arugam Bay their home during the surfing period, which is from April to October. It has a real backpacker vibe, with plenty of fine restaurants and accommodations right on the beach where you probably stay longer than you originally planned.

All hotels and hostels under $50 in Arugam Bay

Best Sri Lanka Beaches for Surfing

Yearly surf competitions are organized which makes it an even more ‘surfisch’ place. It really depends on the tourism of the surf season so please note that some hotels will be closed when you visit outside that season.

From Arugam Bay, you can go to Ella or one of the national parks Yala or Udawalawe.

Best time to visit: April until September
Crowded: 👨👨👨
Surfing: 🏄🏄🏄🏄🏄

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What are your favorite Sri Lanka beaches?

Did you find any other paradise beaches on Sri Lanka? We would love to know how your experiences. Just leave a simple comment down below. ❤️

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