Things to do in and around Unawatuna

Things to do in and around Unawatuna

The Unawatuna area has the most famous beaches in Sri Lanka. People on short vacations like to spend it in the southern part of Sri Lanka. With roughly a one hour ride from Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo, Unawatuna is a perfect place to spend a few days. Unawatuna town is small, it has shops, guesthouses and restaurants and a lot of great activities and sightseeing nearby.

Beaches Unawatuna

There are two beaches in Unawatuna. One more touristy than the other, both great to spend your afternoon.

unawatuna things to do beach

Main Beach Unawatuna

This is where most of the tourist will go to. The main beach is near the city center, all the good restaurants, and the little bars. There’s a nice vibe at this beach which can last a long time after sunset.

things to do in unawatuna beach

Jungle beach Unawatuna

Jungle Beach is on the opposite side of the main beach. It’s a bit hidden and definitely not as easy to visit as the main beach. Many tourists skip or don’t know about Jungle Beach, which makes it a lot more quite.

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unawatuna beach things to do

Japanese Peace Pagoda

On top of the hill, near Jungle Beach there is this beautiful white pagoda. With the view from there, you can enjoy the sunset and the view of Galle Fort.

things to do in unawatuna galle fort view

Visit Galle Fort

Galle Fort is not that typical Sri Lanka architecture. You cannot miss the influences of the Dutch and Portuguese. Galle Fort has loads of little shops and really great architecture. This Galle Fort Guide will help you plan your day trip.

The best of both! ? • • • We used @Triposo to do a free walking tour through Galle Fort

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Fitness in Unawatuna

Like to stay in shape? Or do you really need that workout? For as little as $10 you can sweat your but off in the gym for a whole week. Next to that, the guys and girls that are also training would love a little chat and tell you everything about the area. Check our their website:

galle fort things to do unwatuna

Surfing or Stand up Paddleboard

Take some surf lessons at Ahikava Surfschool or just rent a board if you’re pro enough. The best time to surf between Unawatuna and Galle is from November until May. Grab a Paddle Board near sunset, which is the best time to enjoy the moment.

things to do in unawatuna surf

Rent a motorbike in Unawatuna

Explore Unawatuna and it’s surroundings by motorbike. There’s a lot around to see. Koggala Beach, Galle Fort, Wijaya Beach or Koggala Lake. For $6 a day you own a brand new motorbike. We rented our motorbike at Kumari Tours.

Unawatuna is just a two-hour drive from Colombo International Airport.

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Release baby turtles from the hatchery

You can visit the turtle hatchery in Habaraduwa. Several turtles that are saved from the fishing nets or the plastic garbage in this sea. It’s a 5-10 minute tuk-tuk from Unawatuna. Depending on the speed and craziness of your driver. ?

baby turtles unawatuna hatchery

Best restaurants in Unawatuna

These were our favorite restaurants in Unawatuna.

  1. Bedspace (quite expensive but so good)
  2. Lemongrass Cafe (great place)
  3. Happy Spice (cheap and local)

Best time to visit Unawatuna

The best time to visit the southwest of Sri Lanka is from December until April and from July until the end of September.

Where to stay in Unawatuna

Hotels and guesthouses in Unawatuna are more expensive than you’re used too. This is because Unawatuna is probably the busiest place during high-season.

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Sienna Resort
Sienna Resort

A backpacker-price hostel located in the mangrove!

Sea Front Villa
Sea Front Villa

A 5 min drive out of town which gives you a beach to yourself!


The prices double in high-season but this place is oh so good!

Kaetana Lanka
Kaetana Lanka

A guesthouse located really the main beach. A great price for its location.

Thaproban Pavilion Resort
Thaproban Pavilion Resort

Looking for more luxury?

Skinny Beach House
Skinny Beach House

Looking for your own piece of paradise? Skinny Beach house is the perfect place!

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