9 Backpack essentials which turn out to be very handy

9 Backpack essentials which turn out to be very handy

9 Backpack essentials which turn out to be very handy

Let’s be honest, while traveling for the first time we were all overpacked. Everyone tells you what to bring and that you have to take this particular item with you. In your first week, you’ll already regret taking that item. We threw those particular items away and from the ones we least expect it, were our best buys after all. These are our all time travel essentials while traveling through Asia.

Savetravel backpack essentials

Our top Travel Essentials ?

We provided links to the Europe and worldwide website. Pick the one that suits you to reduce the shipping / tax costs.

1. USB Multi Charger

Almost all electronics are chargeable by USB. So why not taking a multi USB charger instead of a single charger for each device? It will save you weight and space in your backpack ?. We found this the best of our travel essentials.

SaveUSB charger backpack essentials

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2. Travel sheet

After sleeping under a few, way to dirty, sheets we’ve bought a travel sheet. It feels like you jump back in your own bed every night. ?

SaveTravel sheet cocoon backpack essentials

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3. Packing cubes

We can’t travel without packing cubes. It keeps your backpack organized and it compresses to save space in your backpack.

Savepacking cubes backpack essentials

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4. Sunglass cords

This sounds so nerdy (we are) but sunglass cords prevent us from losing our sunglasses while you’re too busy carrying your bag around. Oh, and it’s monkey resistant too! ?

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5. ORS

If you get sick in Asia, and you will, you lose a lot of moisture. You probably can’t eat or drink too much. ORS is a salt and sugar mixture which helped us a lot of times to get better quickly.

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6. Waterproof bag

This one is useful if you’re into island hopping. Although we thought we would never need it, it eventually became very useful. When you’re on a boat tour or to take at the beach.

Savewaterproof bag backpack essentials

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7. Hand sanitizer

In Asia, you will visit a lot of ‘not so clean’ places. And sure, you get used to that, but it’s quite a nice feeling to clean your hands when you’re on traveling. Or just when you like to clean your hands after this (photo). ?

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Savesapa vietnam backpack essentials

8. Swiss pocket tool

Not our number one of the travel essentials but even though we weren’t on safari in the outback, we used this tool a lot at places where nobody was. Think about cutting fruit, opening cans, tighten a screw and so on. Just pick a basic one!

Saveswiss pocket tool backpack essentials

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9. Offline Maps

We, as big flashpackers don’t want to carry and heavy books around. And we didn’t have a map with us. But after getting lost a few times in Thailand we started to search for offline maps. The ones that don’t use the internet. Google maps or Triposo are very useful.

Note: We are using multiple affiliate links. The price you’ll pay stays the same, we will get a tiny percentage of that via Amazon. It will help us to travel to Norway some day instead of Thailand. ? Thank you! ❤️

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