Kickstart your backpack trip with these 21 essentials from Backpackkit

Kickstart your backpack trip with these 21 essentials from Backpackkit

Kickstart your backpack trip with these 21 essentials from Backpackkit

When we started our very first backpack trip, we had a hard time sorting out all the essentials we need to take on our trip. Locks to put on your luggage, some small but good towels, a universal power adapter, it adds up quickly and it takes some time to order all these products.

The guys at Backpackkit had the same experience while going on their travels, collected all those items and put them in one great looking box.

Savebackpackkit box

What backpack essentials are in the box?

Backpackkit is a box, which can be ordered online, includes 21 of the best backpack essentials you will need on a trip. The products are a good quality, the box is compact and very lightweight. And we love lightweight as travelers! The attached brochure has a clear description per product numbered from 1 to 21 corresponding with the number attached to each item.

This is inside the backpackkit:

  1. First aid kit
  2. Small travel towel
  3. Large travel towel
  4. Toiletry
  5. Laundry bag
  6. Luggage lock
  7. Sleeping set ?
  8. Flashlight
  9. Soap
  10. Carabiner
  11. Universal power plug
  12. Money belt ?
  13. Passport protection case
  14. Phone case
  15. Poncho
  16. Pocket knife
  17. Waterproof bag
  18. Daypack ?
  19. Cutlery
  20. Water bottle
  21. Rope
Savebackpackkit brochure
Savebackpackkit guide

Our top 4 backpack kit essentials

Based on our past travels we have selected our top 4 essentials. These were the products we wished we had on our very first trip. The small towel is probably the best item to bring on every trip.

  1. First aid kid
  2. Towel
  3. Tiny bag to store all your toiletry in
  4. Water bottle
Savebackpackkit top 4

You are not going to need every single item out of the kit, but it saves you a lot of time instead of buying all these items separately. The full kit is available at 95 euro but it is also possible to order the essentials separately.

Head over to and start backpacking!

Discount! Use the code SALT2017 while booking and receive a ‎€ 5 discount on your order.

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