Our complete set of best Travel Cameras of 2016

Our complete set of best Travel Cameras of 2016

Our complete set of best Travel Cameras of 2016

Since opening our Instagram account we get this question almost daily:  “Which camera do you use while traveling?” or “What kind of lens is on your travel camera?”. Let’s be clear: we’re not professional photographers, but we love what we’re doing and try to make things look as good as possible. ?

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To start off, at the moment of writing this article we are using two cameras. A GoPro Hero4 Silver and a the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX50. We use GoPro to make action shots and videos of us swimming and climbing and we use the Sony for shots where we could use a little zoom.

Our best Travel Camera for 2016

The Sony Cybershot DSC-HX50 is a compact camera with a perfect balance between photographing and advanced manual controls to adjust the camera settings to your liking.

Why did you bring such a small camera?

During our first big trip we didn’t want to bring any heavy equipment like additional lenses. Moreover, we felt like we didn’t yet have enough knowledge on more advanced cameras and how they work. This camera has some great basic settings to adjust the lighting or set the focal point. Basically, it’s just a point-and-shoot camera.

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Was this camera the right choice to take?

Yes! We still think this camera is great, especially for its price. It’s lightweight, has a very large zoom and the battery life is astonishing. We could use it at least 2 days without seeing the battery sign. The GPS to tag your photos location and build-in WiFi to share files to own of your mobile devices. Next to that we bought a very cool camera case and strap which made the camera look vintage. ?

Would you bring this camera again on a trip?

Yes, but we’re currently looking for a camera that has the capabilities of photographing raw and filming in 4K. Just to get some more professional shots.

Learn how to backup your travel photos

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Our best action travel camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Taking the GoPro with us was our best decision. This travel camera was our best buddy on the road. After learning to understand its settings we could make the content we loved.
Best travel camera 2016 GoPro

Which GoPro settings did you use while traveling?

For shooting videos we set our settings on 1080p 60FPS: not in 4K because we edited our first two videos on an iPad. It couldn’t handle 4K at the time. Photos were taken at the default settings.

Backyard Hiking ?

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What kind of GoPro accessories do you use?

We took a lot of accessories but actually we only used a few.

  • The GoPole. Although we hated the idea of a selfie stick, it gave us some of the best shots.
  • A Tripod comes in very handy when you want to shoot a time lapse.
  • Spare batteries: we always keep our GoPro on or on standby so the battery died pretty quickly ?. We took 5 batteries. This was a great choice because there were some nights we didn’t have any power to charge our empty ones.

Here’s the Vietnam video we’ve made with the GoPro 1080p + iPad:

If you have any Travel Camera recommendations for us, which is good in shooting video and taking photos, please let us know in the comments down below! :)

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