9 Tips to find Cheap Flight Tickets

9 Tips to find Cheap Flight Tickets

9 Tips to find Cheap Flight Tickets

We all want to travel the world as much as we can. This can be frustrating when it comes to booking a flight, because it can rip your budget apart. We’re going to tell you our 9 tips to help you find those cheap flight tickets.

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1. Stay undercover

Imagine this: You’ve started searching for a cheap flight ticket to Bangkok, and found a great deal. A week later you’re ready to book that flight, when suddenly, the price has increased. What the heck?

Based on cookies in your browser, flight prices increase when you search for the same route repeatedly. How to prevent you won’t be tracked? Always start your browser window in incognito or private mode.

You can do this by first opening a new window, followed by:

  • Chrome : Click More (menu icon), select incognito window.
  • Safari : Go to menu, click file and select private window
  • Firefox : Click More (menu icon), select incognito window.
  • Internet Explorer : Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Edge: Click More (the dots) and select InPrivate window.
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2. Get cheap flight tickets by searching for airline error fares

Airlines error fares are actually pricing mistakes and it happens a lot. Hooray! ? You can easily find flight error fares on websites such as Secret Flying, Oyster or Fly4Free. With a good amount of flexibility and timing, you can book a flight for a shockingly good price. Just be sure you book quickly.

Keep in mind: airlines are allowed to cancel mispriced tickets.

3. Use Skyscanner of Google Flight as search engines

Start your search for a flight with one of these flight search engines. They won’t inflate their rates but will give you the real price.

Find the cheapest flight tickets

Easily find the cheapest flights tickets to here!

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4. Be Flexible with your Travel Dates

Already picked your departure date? Then you can probably forget about your cheap flight ticket… To get a cheap flight you have to be flexible with your dates. (see #6).

5. Be flexible with the Destination on your Flight Ticket

Fly everywhere! Don’t stay fixed on one destination and you will find a great deal. Search for cheap flight tickets using Kayak Explore. It will tell you the price of flights from your point of departure to any destination.

6. Find the cheapest day to fly

There is no particular day that is the cheapest to fly on. You can see which days are cheapest for your destination by doing the following:

  • Go to Skyscanner
  • Enter your departure and arrival dates
  • Select one way
  • Click on your departure date and select ‘whole month’
  • Search, and if you don’t see the flight price for that day then click on it
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7. Try alternative cheap flight routes

Can’t get a really low price? Try an alternative route. For example: You are planning to fly directly from Amsterdam to Bangkok. Did you try to change Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur? Or Amsterdam to Dusseldorf? Prices can drop a lot if you change your departure or arrival location.

8. Set flight ticket price alerts on Skyscanner

If you’ve found an interesting airline ticket, or multiple, you can set an alarm on Skyscanner. You will get notified by e-mail when the price drops or rises.


9. Always check luggage fees and fly cheaply for sure!

What looks like a cheap flight ticket, at first sight, can get expensive after discovering what the luggage fees are. A lot of cheap airlines will add the luggage costs after you’ve filled in your information.

You’ve successfully passed our How to find cheap flight tickets exam. Congrats! ?

Pleeease, let us know if this helped you find a cheap flight ticket!

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