Our photography buddy: Review Manfrotto BeFree Live

Our photography buddy: Review Manfrotto BeFree Live

Our photography buddy: Review Manfrotto BeFree Live

You are probably thinking of a person that takes our Instagram photos. No, our tripod does all the hard work. :’) The Manfrotto BeFree Live has given us some beautiful shots in the past and will travel with us until it breaks.

Perfect tripod travel size

We don’t really like checking in our gear when flying because we like to keep our most valuable items with us. The tripod perfectly fits with its 43cm (17 inches) into a carry-on luggage sized case or bag, with more room for your other camera equipment. Unfolding it takes a few seconds and fully unfolded it can reach a height of 151 cm! (59.5 inches)

Savemanfrotto befree live tripod review

Why is it so good?

Placing the legs in any angle and lock it is a feature that can be very useful when I come to taking photos near the floor. Those are good features but the real advantages are his:

  1. height (151 cm / 59.5 inch)
  2. rotating video head
  3. and quick release plate

Video head

Once you’ve placed it on the right height you can easily use the video head to level it horizontally and vertically. It took us so much with before, without the video head.

The video head guarantees very smooth movements. It can take up to 4kg, ensuring stability with larger equipment and sturdiness even with longer zoom lenses.

Quick release plate

Once you’ve used a quick release plate you can’t work without it anyway. The plate is attached to your camera but can be released within a second from the tripod. Very useful for some quick shooting.

Savemanfrotto befree live tripod review

Shoot vertically

Easily change the angle of your camera by twisting the quick release plate en start taking vertically.

What would we like to change on our tripod?

It’s a 1.3kg tripod, definitely not the lightest. But there is a 1kg version available made out of carbon fiber without the video head if you really want to travel lighter.

Befree Live: https://www.manfrotto.com/befree-live-fluid-head-with-befree-aluminum-tripod-system
Befree Carbon: https://www.manfrotto.com/befree-carbon-fibre-travel-tripod-with-ball-head-black


When it comes to picking at tripod then first try to look at its features instead of the weight. We had a very lightweight one first but it never gave us these shots in that short amount of time. We would recommend buying a Manfrotto Befree Live.

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