Q&A: Is traveling our full-time job?

Q&A: Is traveling our full-time job?

Thank you for sending in all those questions! We tried to select 10 unique questions. If you have any more question, please ask them in the comments on YouTube. ❤️

  1. What are your struggles when traveling together as a couple? By @chaptertravel
  2. Did you find any unique places in Sri Lanka that were not in travel guides? By @hi_beth_anderson
  3. What’s your best piece of advice for a new GoPro user? By @apairofpassports
  4. What editing apps/software do you use? By @ralphburrows
  5. Favorite camera and lens? By @alliblair7
  6. What’s been your scariest travel moment? By @whereisnoodles
  7. Is traveling your full-time job? By @kaptain.kenny
  8. What’s one of your 10-year goals? By @mvandersluis
  9. Anything in your bag you never go traveling without? By @undiscovered.guide
  10. Vlogging next time? By @minidusee

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