5 x Ultimate Travel Photography Essentials

5 x Ultimate Travel Photography Essentials

5 x Ultimate Travel Photography Essentials

While traveling we faced many photography problems that were so easy to solve. Just because we didn’t know anything about making photos on our first trip. This is our top 5 of ultimate travel photography essentials.

SaveUltimate travel photography essentials

1. Use your phone with a Pixter Lens

Our most favorite photos are made with an iPhone7+. When taking photos with an app that supports RAW format, you can edit the photos like you do with your big expensive camera. This in combination with a Wide Angle Pro smartphone lens and you are always ready to shoot, even without your DSLR camera.

The wide angle lenses from, for example, Pixter, makes it much easier to get close objects in the frame. You should be able to capture 2.5 times more environment than without the lens.

Without the Pixter lens


With the Pixter Lens


2. Backup charger (power bank)

Always, but always take a power bank with you. Not only to charge your camera but also for charge your phone for emergency situations. Make sure to buy a charger that is allowed on the plane. When the charger can hold too much energy, it is not allowed in your hand luggage.

3. External hard drive

Actually, we would love to see everyone walking around with an SSD. This is an external hard drive which is fully shock proof but since those are way too expensive at this moment. We currently use two types of hard drives since we just can’t pick to right one.

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WD My Passport

The Western Digital My Passport is our all time favorite, great speed for a good price. We did have some trouble with the connectors a few times but sending them back to WD within the guarantee is super easy.

Transcend Rugged

The Transcend Storejet Rugged 2 is a little cheaper and way more rugged than the Western Digital. The only downside is that it’s a little slower.

4. Tripod

Take one tripod, a big one or small one doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you have one with you. The gorilla pods are easier to set up but can’t always get the height you would like to reach. That’s where the big tripod would do a better job.

When you are on a night out and don’t want to carry around your expensive camera, then bring your phone with wide angle lens and tripod with phone holder. Our perfect setup to have some great memorable shots.

➳ See the gorilla pod
➳ See the big tripod

Savetravel photography essentials tripod

5. Lens cleaning kit

And finally, there is nothing worse than finding out you took blurry pictures the whole day or that there was a spot on the lens. Take a simple dust rocket and a micro fiber lens cleaner to quickly clean the lens. Please never clean it with your shirt or jeans, to prevent scratching the lens.

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