24-hours in Antalya Old Town Guide, Turkey

24-hours in Antalya Old Town Guide, Turkey

Antalya is a huge city and one of the main flight destinations when traveling along the turquoise coastline of Turkey. Especially the old town, named Kaleici, is a great place to hang out for a day or two. We had 24-hours in Antalya when we came back from our balloon trip in Cappadocia we noticed that Antalya was much better than we had expected! This is our 24-hours in Antalya Old Town Guide.

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1. Exploring Kaleici, Antalya Old Town

In the daytime walk through old town. Is it a small maze featuring beautiful architecture, like the mosque and parks with people relaxing in it. It isn’t huge but it is big enough to wander around. Cars can’t really drive in old town so it was such a pleasant escape in the middle of a busy city.

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2. Panoramic Glass Elevator viewpoint

It’s a great walk down in Old town and once you have reached the harbor it isn’t hard to get back up. The glass elevator is an iconic place in Kaleici. The elevator connects old to new Antalya. Once you took it to the top, the view over the harbor is one to enjoy for a few minutes.

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3. Play with the cats at Cat Garden

Near the Panoramic glass elevator viewpoint, you can play or take care of cats who are rescued. It’s just a super small park next to the main street and free to volunteer or walk through.

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4. Kaleici Harbor for sunset

When the sun starts setting, local people jump in the water to play with their kids. Walk all the way down to the pier, sit down on the edge and enjoy a perfect sunset.

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5. Shopping in Antalya

All the small streets of Kaleici are filled with little shops where you can easily get a good pair of trainers for a low budget price. But shoes are not the only thing you can shop, necklaces, beautiful clothing, sports outfits, you name it!

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6. Turkish Carpets

The same counts for Turkish carpets. If you’re ending your trip in Antalya we highly recommend taking a carpet for your house.

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7. Best food in our Antalya Old Town Guide

  1. Cay Teas for a coffee or tea.
  2. For a cheap eat, just walk one street out of Old Town and visit Can Can, amazing Pides and Kebabs and super affordable!
  3. Without a doubt the best pasta and pizza in town at Gazetta but a little more expensive.
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Best places to stay in Antalya

Antalya offers hotels for every kind of budget. We listed two for each budget.

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Patron Hotel
Patron Hotel

Perfectly located on the outer ring of old town but really near all the hotspots. Starting at $25 a night

Patio Hotel
Patio Hotel

Located more in the center of Kaleici. Starting at $18 a night

Sibel Pension
Sibel Pension

Excellent location in old town with a great garden. Starting at $50 a night.

Char Me Hotel
Char Me Hotel

Mind-blowing interior and a beautiful pool! Starting at $56 a night.

How to get in Kaleici, Antalya’s Old Town?

Kaleici is in the Antalya city center and relatively easy to reach. From Antalya International airport, it’s a small 30-minute to Kaleici. Taxies have to enter old town through a gate and the road in Kaleici is only one way.

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