How to plan your next trip using Triposo

How to plan your next trip using Triposo

While traveling we developed our own routine in researching and planning a new area. Use each of these tips as a handlebar to plan your trip. Of course, you will start off by finding cheap flight tickets. We will skip this part and will explain how to get around in a city, where to eat, how to find your best place to stay and more.

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In Sri Lanka, we teamed up with Triposo to test their app which helps you plan your trip from A-Z. Triposo offers a free offline guide and map for over 50000+ cities and destinations.

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Find the best area to stay / City Center

Some want to book in advance, others like to walk in and check if there’s a room available. In both of these situations, it’s good to know where the lively area in the city is located. You can either decide to stay far away from those places or stay in that area.

Check this in two steps:

  • Open the Triposo app. Check where most of the hotels and guesthouses are located on the map. Remember that area.
  • Next, take a look on the map, select eat and drink, zoom out and find out where most of the restaurants are located. Combine those two areas and 99% of the time we found the active heart of the city.
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Find your best place to stay

You’ve found the area which is most popular among tourists. Either stay in or out it. :)  Find a hotel in the desired area via the app.

The other thing you could do is finding a few nice places to stay, check if there are rooms available and try to book a room just by walking in and ask at the reception.

Navigate to your hotel by using offline maps. Triposo has a full in-app offline map you can use without any internet.

Quickly get to know the area’s bests

Which activities are available? Where should you go for dinner tonight? What’s a nice bar to meet people or fellow travelers? Get to know the area’s bests so you will have a rough to do list where to pick from and fill your day with.


Find activities in the area by doing use these 2 steps.

  • Google: To do’s + placename. Check forums and blogs where people wrote down their experience about this area.
  • Open up Triposo, navigate to the town/area you’re staying and open “See and Do”. Save the places you would like to visit. The app will make a city walk out of that.
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Food and Drinks

  • Open up Triposo, navigate to the town/area you’re staying and open “Eat and Drink”. Or use the map function to see what’s nearby. This can come very handy when you’re hungry and getting grumpy (like us).
  • Open Tripadvisor, check the restaurants and their rating.

Again, use offline maps to navigate to the bar or restaurant. Offline maps is a big winner when it comes to traveling without a 3G/4G connection.

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